Tutorial Guide on how to claim $OM test tokens from the MANTRA Hongbai Testnet faucet

4 min readApr 29, 2024

Let’s get hands-on development on Hongbai Testnet, which acts as the playground for developers and users within the MANTRA Chain ecosystem. It closely mirrors the behaviour of the mainnet, offering developers a realistic environment to experiment with various platform functionalities, including account creation, token transfers, smart contract deployment, building dApps and more.

Here’s the step-by-step tutorial guide on how to claim $OM test tokens from the Hongbai Testnet faucet.

Step 1: Install Keplr Wallet

To begin, navigate to https://keplr.app/ and install the Keplr Wallet extension compatible with your browser. Keplr Wallet is essential for managing your crypto assets on the Cosmos ecosystem.

Step 2: Set Up Keplr Wallet

Begin by adding a wallet name, setting up a password, and securing your seed phrase or recovery phrase. Remember, DO NOT share your recovery phrase with ANYONE.

Step 3: Add MANTRA Chain to Keplr Wallet

Now, let’s integrate the MANTRA Chain into your Keplr Wallet. Visit the official MANTRA Chain website, https://www.mantrachain.io/for-builders/about, and look for the “Add to Keplr” button.

Clicking the button “Approve” to ensure seamless integration.

Step 4: Manage Chain Visibility

With the MANTRA Chain added, it’s time to adjust your wallet settings. Open your Keplr Wallet extension and navigate to the “Manage Chain Visibility” section. From here, you will be navigating to the chain selection option to add MANTRA Chain to your wallet.

Step 5: Add MANTRA Hongbai Testnet

Search for “MANTRA” in the list of available chains and check the box next to “MANTRA Hongbai Testnet.” This step ensures that you can easily access the testnet features for development purposes.

Step 6: Copy Your MANTRA Address

Now, let’s grab your MANTRA address from the Keplr Wallet via OM token address. This address serves as your unique identifier on the MANTRA network and is essential for receiving test tokens.

Step 7: Request Tokens from Faucet

Head over to the Hongbai Faucet on Discord and enter /request to request tokens:

Step 8: Enter your MANTRA wallet address

Step 9: Receive Test Tokens

Once wallet is successfully submitted, you’ll receive test tokens (e.g., 0.1 OM) in your MANTRA wallet address. These tokens are now at your disposal for development and testing activities on the Hongbai Testnet.

If you encounter any difficulties or have questions along the way, feel free to connect with us on our Discord channel at https://discord.com/invite/mantra.
We’re here to assist you as you navigate through the development process on the MANTRA Chain.


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