Showcasing Top Participants from MANTRA’s First RWA-focused Hackathon, Jaipur.

3 min readMay 30, 2024


Our first hackathon, centered around real world asset (RWA) tokenization in Jaipur, was a great success, attracting over 200 developers. We’re excited to highlight some of the leading projects that showcased innovative solutions for tokenized RWAs on the MANTRA Hongbai Testnet.

1. Augmentium: A RWA Backed Stablecoin

Augmentium introduced a 1:1 collateralized, synthetic gold-backed stablecoin on the MANTRA Chain, pegged to real-time gold prices. This project offers a stable and reliable digital currency backed by tangible assets.

Deployment Address: mantra1ghd753shjuwexxywmgs4xz7x2q732vcnkm6h2pyv9s6ah3hylvrqrv2crm

2. RWA Stockholm: A One-Stop Solution for RWAs

RWA Stockholm is a comprehensive platform where users can buy, sell, and trade RWAs through a marketplace, along with features like RWA swaps, liquidity pools, and staking. This project aims to streamline the entire RWA trading process.

Project Link:
Backend —
Frontend —

3. DeFi Land: A Real Estate Investment Pool

DeFi Land allows users to own fractionalized parts of real estate using NFTs based on RWAs. This innovative project democratizes real estate investment by making it accessible to a wider audience through blockchain technology.

Contract Address: 7FFEDD5AA5A919E4B3F1D3E59C203AF82EF329DFF6F20E78E571696FE5DDC23F

4. RWA Marketplace

This decentralized platform revolutionizes real estate by enabling secure, transparent, and efficient property buying, selling, and leasing on-chain. It aims to eliminate intermediaries and enhance trust in real estate transactions.

Deployment Address: mantra13wxll57yp7l6ansarjtgqg79gnv83wacl5pfsypj82femvrcszrqvvwy35

5. Auctionator

Auctionator is an on-chain auction platform that transforms asset trading with blockchain-powered auctions on the MANTRA Chain. This project ensures transparency, security, and efficiency in the auction process.

Contract Address:

Deployment Link:

6. Real Vault: A RWA Investment Pool

Real Vault converts RWAs into digital tokens, allowing fractional ownership. These tokens are listed on an exchange, enabling investors to buy and sell them, thus enhancing liquidity and investment opportunities.

Deployment Address: mantra1snexxwv7jlrgraxtu98w4utut4klkg8ycmwc2uxqh7e32pn6p57qvx9m2q

7. Real Lend: RWA Backed Lending & Borrowing

Real Lend facilitates lending and borrowing using RWAs, addressing the challenge of providing tangible collateral for loans. Users can provide lending directly to the market pool, fostering a decentralized lending ecosystem.

Contract Address: mantra18ghy0nn3zrf626dsl24agnwfzrmqhgr6xy9f2f7nymupdyj9yxmqel0kp4

Deployment Link:

8. MantREX: A Comprehensive Solution for Managing RWAs

MantREX offers a platform for swapping, trading (buying/selling), and accessing liquidity pools for RWAs on the MANTRA Chain. This project provides a holistic solution for managing RWAs efficiently.

Contract Address: A7B5B7337F6A07AFFB69FBC41A6D818F29996A41366F7599DD594CE3C51D6AF8

Deployment Link:

9. Lend Hive

Lend Hive allows users to list their collateralized assets and earn profit by lending these assets to borrowers. Borrowers can leverage these tokenized assets to secure loans, creating a seamless lending and borrowing environment.

MANTRA’s first RWA-focused hackathon successfully brought together developers to advance the RWA ecosystem. The projects developed during the event have significant potential to add value and expand the utility of tokenized RWAs. We sincerely thank all participants for their hard work and dedication in making this hackathon a success.

Stay tuned for more updates from MANTRA as we continue to lead the charge in RWA tokenization. Together, let’s build the future!


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Key Features:

  • ⁠Built using Cosmos SDK, IBC compatible, with CosmWasm supported
  • Secured via a sovereign PoS validator set
  • Scalable up to 10k TPS
  • Built-in Modules, SDKs and APIs to create, trade and manage regulatory compliant RWAs
  • Improved User Experience to onboard non-native users and institutions to Web3

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