MANTRA Launches $OM Liquidity Pool on Base Chain

2 min readJul 2, 2024


We’re extremely pleased to announce the launch of MANTRA’s first $OM Liquidity Pool on Base! This move marks a notable milestone in bringing liquidity onchain to create a thriving multichain RWA ecosystem.

Building Bridges for Deep $OM Liquidity

In May, we submitted a DAO core proposal to establish the first-ever $OM liquidity pool on Base Chain, and we were humbled by the overwhelming support we received from all our Sherpas.

Upon approval, we started working to bring $OM to Base Chain. Our OM/ETH Liquidity Pool (LP) on Uniswap already has more than $5M in liquidity, enabling you to swap freely on Ethereum. Similarly, we’re bringing this deep liquidity to the Base $OM LP, now live on Uniswap. The newly launched $OM pool on Base has been bootstrapped with 25% of the existing Uniswap LP on Ethereum. This would enable you to seamlessly perform $OM swaps on Base Chain with minimal slippage.

In addition, users can now bridge $OM with BASE, unlocking the potential to participate in the MANTRA ecosystem. This provides early access to future MANTRA products launched on Base Chain. In order to bridge $OM between Ethereum and Base, you can now use Superbridge:

OM contract address on BASE: 0x3992b27da26848c2b19cea6fd25ad5568b68ab98

OM/WETH Liquidity pool address on BASE: 0x61e26cbc72a3623f75aa2828b39ab60cdb952c93

Amplifying $OM Utility with Base Chain’s Robust Liquidity

Further, Base represents a strong opportunity to reach a broader audience with our RWA-focused offerings. The launch of the $OM liquidity pool on Base Chain represents the next step in accessing onchain liquidity and enabling a comprehensive cross-chain ecosystem.

By establishing a strong presence within Base Chain’s ecosystem, we’re laying the groundwork for seamless integration when we launch future financial products. This ensures Base users can interact with our RWA-focused offerings within a familiar and liquid ecosystem.

We’ve now launched robust LPs on two key chains; Ethereum and Base Chain, and there’s more to come. Our goal is to provide users with more flexible ways to access $OM as we move closer to our mainnet launch.

Our unwavering commitment lies in executing our multi-chain strategy, which will unlock wider participation in the RWA space and fuel user engagement.


MANTRA is an Institutional-grade Layer 1 Blockchain for RWAs bringing World Finance Onchain. As a permissionless chain capable of adherence and enforcement of real world regulatory requirements, MANTRA empowers developers and institutions to seamlessly participate in the evolving RWA tokenization space by offering advanced tech modules, compliance mechanisms, and cross-chain interoperability.

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