MANTRA June Monthly Recap

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Greetings, Sherpas! Welcome to the June Monthly Recap, as we revisit the incredible events from MANTRA in the past month.

We witnessed significant progress across the MANTRA ecosystem in June, from groundbreaking partnerships to exciting product developments. We reflect on plenty of key moments that strengthened our vibrant community and propelled us toward a future empowered by RWAs!

Here’s a summary of the important events in June from the world of MANTRA.

MANTRA $OM Pool Launches on Base

We submitted a core proposal in May to establish the first OM liquidity pool on the Base Chain to help us reach a broader audience and enhance $OM utility. We have created the first $OM Uniswap LP on Base Chain with deep liquidity, so users can seamlessly perform $OM swaps with minimal slippage.

Furthermore, users on Base can now bridge $OM with BASE, allowing them to explore the potential of the MANTRA ecosystem. This would provide early access to future MANTRA products launched on Base Chain.

The $OM LP launch on Base denotes a strategic move to enhance $OM utility and reach a broader audience with our RWA-focused offerings. By establishing a strong presence within Base’s ecosystem, we’re laying the groundwork for seamless integration when we launch future financial products.

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MANTRA Zone Leaderboard Goes Live

June saw the launch of the MANTRA Zone Leaderboard, offering a points and rewards system for testing Hongbai’s functionalities. This gamified approach incentivizes users to explore MANTRA’s RWA infrastructure and stress test the network.

By completing onchain quests, users can climb the ranks and secure a share of a massive $OM 🪂. This initiative rewards active participation and exploration of the MANTRA ecosystem. Moreover, participants gain valuable hands-on experience with the platform while contributing to its development towards a smoother mainnet launch.

Hackers Hideout in Delhi

The MANTRA Hackers Hideout in Delhi was attended by passionate builders bringing ideas to life in the RWA space. The 3-day offline Build-a-thon event between June 14–16 brought together some of the brightest minds working to push the boundaries of RWA tokenization.

Selected developers received exclusive support and mentorship to build RWA-focused projects on MANTRA! This initiative aligns with our strategy to provide a seamless environment for developers to build and deploy dApps that shape the future of RWAs on MANTRA.

Read the official deep dive:

Interview with CEO

  • Our CEO & Co-Founder, John Patrick Mullin joined an esteemed panel at Consensus 2024 alongside RWA industry leaders from Ondo, Securitize, and to discuss the potential of real world asset tokenization and promising developments in the space. Key takeaway: “Tokenization has achieved an ample product-market fit at the institutional level. We are trying to solve the retail problem by bringing it to a permissionless chain.”
  • John hosted a Community Connect call on June 27 to dive into recent developments in the MANTRA ecosystem. Talking points included major partnerships and integrations, Incubator Program 2024, MANTRA Hackers Hideout, and $OM staking.
  • John will speak on a panel with Cosmos leaders at the July 12–13 Nebular Summit in Brussels. Join him as he shares valuable insights on MANTRA’s mission to fuel the growing adoption of RWAs and shape the future of real world asset tokenization on MANTRA. Tickets here:
  • John was a panelist on the Joker Odyssey’s Joker Club on Innovation Day, June 18th, where he discussed RWAs Tokenization and how MANTRA is pushing towards Bringing Finance Onchain!
  • John Patrick Mullin joined The Crypto Town Hall’s X Spaces on June 10 to discuss the future of RWA tokenization and how MANTRA is leading the new wave of broader adoption of real world assets.

Partnerships & Developments

  • Zand Bank and MANTRA signed an MOU for RWA compliance in the Middle East. Our efforts will focus on defining clear frameworks for RWA tokenization, in compliance with the Virtual Asset Regulatory Authority of Dubai (VARA). This move will ensure seamless tokenization of real world assets within the UAE (official announcement here).
  • Leap Wallet has integrated MANTRA to enhance user accessibility to tokenized Real World Assets (RWA). Leap’s Mobile Wallet and Web Extension are now live on the Hongbai Testnet! This integration will fuel greater RWA adoption by enabling Leap Wallet users to select the MANTRA network directly, paving the way for easy access to native MANTRA assets within Leap upon mainnet (official announcement here).
  • SwissBorg, a leading blockchain-based crypto wealth management platform has included MANTRA’s $OM Token in their RWA Thematic — an investment basket of top crypto projects in the real world assets vertical. With $1.39B in users’ crypto assets and EU licensing, OM’s inclusion in SwissBorg’s RWA Thematic basket reflects the robustness and potential of MANTRA’s ecosystem (learn more).
  • Placeholdr launches as the foremost dApp in the MANTRA ecosystem. They’re tokenizing one of the MANTRA PoS validator nodes as the first native yield-bearing asset in the #HomeForRWAs ecosystem!
  • The first cohort of the MANTRA Incubator is now in Dubai. Mansa Finance, Estate Protocol, and Pyse were the selected projects for the cohort. Learn more about the Incubator and the projects here:

News, Features & Releases

  • The Street published a feature on our CEO & Co-Founder’s deep dive into details behind the new wave of RWA tokenization fueled by MANTRA and what the future holds for real world assets in decentralized finance (DeFi).
  • We published a Medium blog titled A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Stake $OM on MANTRA. OM stakers can participate in MANTRA governance and vote on DAO proposals while getting exclusive access to incentives and airdrops. Get up to a 1.35x multiplier on your staked OM:

X Spaces

Mad Scientists | June 26 1600 UTC

Community Announcements

  • Calling the Hong Kong Community — join the Battle of the Trends: RWAs vs Memes! MANTRA invites you for an engaging meetup to explore the hottest crypto narratives now. Delve into cutting-edge MANTRA Incubator project demos and gain valuable insights into the potential of RWAs and Memes. RSVP here:
  • MANTRA will be a headline sponsor of the upcoming Cosmoverse 2024, leading the Tokenization Track. The legendary event in the Cosmos ecosystem will take place between October 21–23, 2024 in Dubai. Grab your early bird tickets at
  • John Patrick Mullin will speak at the Asia Blockchain Summit 2024 (#ABS2024). The event will take place between August 6–8 in Taipei. Prepare to listen to John share his expertise in real world asset tokenization and discuss how MANTRA is transforming the future of the RWA space. Get your tickets at

June was a whirlwind of exciting developments for the MANTRA ecosystem! We witnessed significant milestones, from establishing new partnerships to nurturing a vibrant community around RWAs.

We are grateful for our ever-growing community and remain dedicated to empowering builders and fostering industry connections. Stay tuned for exciting updates as we gear up for a busy July. Follow our socials so you don’t miss out on any important news!


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