MANTRA DAO launches new $RFUEL Staking Pool

RFUEL new auto-compounding pool to launch this August!

2 min readAug 4, 2021

You can now stake your $RFUEL to a new staking pool, with rewards auto compounding! MANTRA DAO is pleased to announce the launch of a new staking pool for Rio DeFi.

With the new pool, users can benefit from rewards being restaked and earning more rewards on their staking.

The new $RFUEL pool will launch with a variable APY, which means early stakers have the advantage to earn more.

The new pool’s strategy is set to start within the next two weeks.

Users on the existing $RFUEL pool should unstake their tokens in time to enable entry into the new pool. The pool will continue to remain open for users to unstake at their convenience. However, once the new staking pool is launched, staking to the old $RFUEL pool will cease, with users no longer able to stake there.

Further information and a step-by-step guide to unstake and move to the new pool will be shared next week.

To make the most of the high APYs at the launch of the new $RFUEL staking pool, get ready to claim your rewards and move to a new staking pool!

Please note, that unstaking time will continue to remain 8 days for $RFUEL stakers on the existing pool.




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