MANTRA Chain unveils its plans to bring RWAs to the Cosmos ecosystem

MANTRA recently published the litepaper of its very own blockchain — MANTRA Chain.

3 min readJul 11, 2023

MANTRA, a first of its kind vertically integrated blockchain ecosystem, recently published the litepaper of its very own blockchain — MANTRA Chain.

The Cosmos SDK-developed blockchain will set the new standard for regulatory compliant tokenization of real-world assets (RWAs). Any asset with real-world value such as art, securities or real estate can be easily tradable once it is converted into a digital representation in the form of a token.

These tokens can be issued through security token offerings (STOs) and can then be traded on a KYC/AML guarded secondary market such as MANTRA Chain’s decentralized exchange (DEX).

“We recognize the potential of tokenized RWAs to revolutionize the way assets are owned, traded, and managed, and MANTRA Chain is uniquely positioned to service this market. By leveraging blockchain technology, we can unlock new levels of liquidity, transparency, and efficiency that will benefit investors, issuers, and the wider financial ecosystem.” — John Patrick Mullin, CEO & Co-Founder

What are Real-World Assets?

MANTRA Chain will be one of the first Cosmos AppChain solutions to offer perhaps the most unique and fascinating application yet: Tokenization of real-world assets.

Tokenizing an asset refers to the act of representing an ownership interest in the real-world asset via a digital token. For instance, a user could hold a tokenized Tesla share and trade it on a Decentralized Exchange (DEX).

Such tokenization brings numerous advantages to users. It allows for increased liquidity of assets that were previously illiquid, partial (fractionalized) ownership of a single asset, reduction of transaction costs, greater transparency and increased accessibility. It also provides a more seamless transfer of ownership, since the entire process is automated by the blockchain that is completely transparent and immutable.

Token holders can also be eligible to receive real yield derived from revenue streams associated with the asset- such as stock dividends or property rental revenue.

What else can I do on MANTRA Chain?

MANTRA Chain, which has been designed to be the “chain of regulated digital assets” has several other features outside of RWAs. For example, MANTRA Chain makes creating regulatory compliant products easy, making it particularly attractive to Web3 builders.

MANTRA Chain will also allow users to build their products into the Chain and make full use of the integration with the Chain’s yield engine. Building on the Chain will also provide interoperability, IBC compatible tokens, fast cross-chain transactions and other attractive features.

We believe this will allow MANTRA Chain to attract a wide range of developers that value transparency and compliance.

MANTRA Chain will consist of numerous other innovative products, such as:

  • MANTRA Token Service — a powerful SDK that will allow decentralized entities to create, issue and distribute their native tokens,
  • MANTRA Assets — a dApp that will allow businesses to issue security tokens that represent real-world assets, and
  • MANTRA DEX — the aforementioned decentralized exchange.

To learn more about MANTRA Chain and its features, you can read the litepaper here.

About MANTRA Chain

MANTRA recognizes that the Cosmos ecosystem lacks a chain that is specifically designed to provide regulatory compliance across a wide range of real-world assets (RWA) and tokenized assets.

Given this gap in the current ecosystem, we strongly feel that a “chain of regulated digital assets” will create a forward-thinking protocol that attracts users from diverse backgrounds, many of whom may not be current participants within the crypto space, and who value the importance and safety of regulatory compliance.





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