MANTRA April 2024 Recap

5 min readMay 3, 2024

Hello Sherpas, Welcome back from an exciting month packed with several notable updates in the world of MANTRA!

In April, MANTRA marked the launch of its Hongbai Incentivized Testnet and Incubator Program at DWTC. Additionally, MANTRA was a Gold Sponsor at the TOKEN2049 event in Dubai, hosted an Afterparty at the iconic Palm Towers and a VIP event at The Arts Club. Moreover, MANTRA sponsored the Binance Clubhouse, $OM integrations, and partnerships, engaged in Interviews & Podcasts, and grew the community to over 220K members on X.

Here’s a summary of all the important events from the world of MANTRA for the month of April.

MANTRA Hongbai Incentivized Testnet

The Hongbai Incentivized Testnet program is live, marking a big step towards our goal of bridging the traditional finance (TradFi) industry with blockchain through the potential of Real World Asset tokenization.
Upon our launch on April 10, we welcomed an initial 100,000+ eager participants, and that figure has grown considerably in less than a month.

We’re now at over 750,000 participants on Galxe as a part of the Hongbai Incentivized Tetsnet, a testament to the power of our community of loyal Sherpas and their strong belief in our vision of transforming the world of finance.

The MANTRA Galxe Quests are active; you can now participate to grab your share of the 50,000,000 $OM 🪂, with more tasks to be added regularly. Join here:

TOKEN2049, MANTRA Afterparty, Sponsor of Binance Clubhouse, VIP Event at The Arts Club

Catch the insightful presentation by John Patrick Mullin, CEO & Co-Founder of MANTRA, at the TOKEN2049 event, delving into the future of RWAs and MANTRA’s pivotal role.

Also, special thanks to all the guests who turned up at The Arts Club for the MANTRA VIP Event: Pioneering Tokenization in the MENA Region!

Our TOKEN2049 Afterparty at The Palm Towers attracted lots of industry leaders and enthusiasts. We had time to chill, network, and chat about the future of RWAs and blockchain technology. MANTRA was a Gold Sponsor at TOKEN2049, and we also sponsored the Binance Clubhouse in Dubai, where we met with the Binance team, top traders, and other key stakeholders.

MANTRA Incubator Program Launch

On April 16, MANTRA launched the Incubator Program at the Dubai World Trade Centre in collaboration with Virtuzone, the UAE’s leading corporate service provider. Each project will benefit from a seed investment of $100,000 personally funded by our CEO & Co-Founder, John Patrick Mullin, demonstrating his commitment to the success of the program and the successful onboarding of buzzing talents in the space.

Participating projects will enjoy MANTRA’s expert guidance and dedicated support across development, licensing, infrastructure, banking, and more areas. They can also get access to a large network of investors. MANTRA will hold the initiative across three months: one month each in Dubai, Hong Kong, and San Francisco, leading up to the Mainnet launch.

Sign up for the MANTRA Incubator Program here:

$OM Integration

MANTRA ($OM) is now fully integrated into the SwissBorg app. $OM token holders can now effortlessly buy, sell, and exchange $OM with 16 fiat currencies, including popular ones like EUR, CHF, and GBP, directly within the SwissBorg app.

Interview with CEO

  • John Patrick Mullin joined a panel discussion on “The Seismic Shift Towards Tokenization” at Digital Asset Summit (DAS: London) 2024 alongside speakers from Citibank, Blockworks, BNY Mellon, and Ava Labs
  • MANTRA’s Community Connect session on April 11.
  • John was a panelist on Newman Group and PwC Ventures’ Crypto Startups and VCs Night where he shared valuable insight on the Web3 space and how crypto startups and VCs navigate the landscape.
  • John also joined Cointelegraph’s Hashing It Out podcast for an insightful discussion on RWAs and MANTRA’s role in the tokenization movement. Key takeaway: “Everything will be tokenized”. Listen to the episode here.

Partnerships & Developments

RWA Inc. has joined the MANTRA ecosystem to unlock the trillion-dollar potential of real world assets onchain. As a dominant force in the tokenization movement, RWA Inc. brings the first-ever marketplace for real world assets. This innovative platform seamlessly connects with MANTRA’s RWA-focused blockchain, fostering efficient tokenization and trading of a wider range of real world assets in a regulated environment.

News, Features & Releases

MANTRA’s efforts towards ensuring a compliant RWA industry through their regulation-ready blockchain made headlines in some prominent crypto news outlets. Follow along here:

  • Cointelegraph published a follow-up on its Hashing It Out podcast episode with John detailing the state of real world asset (RWA) tokenization, and how MANTRA is unlocking the trillion-dollar Real World Assets valuation onchain. The article also outlined how MANTRA’s tools enable building dApps that promote legal clarity and enforce regulatory compliance.
  • DailyCoin published a feature on MANTRA CEO’s deep dive into the potential of RWAs. Key insights include the rise of RWAs in TradFi, MANTRA’s strategic partnership with a major Dubai real estate developer, and the superiority of Cosmos for RWAs.
  • We also published a blog explaining the MANTRA Hongbai Incentivized Testnet launch with details on the latest developments on Hongbai, information for builders, and a short guide for testnet participants.

X Spaces & Podcasts

MANTRA joined a host of X Spaces & Podcasts, speaking in-depth about how MANTRA is pushing for regulatory compliance in the $16 trillion RWA tokenization industry. In case you missed any of the broadcasts, tune in now:

We are now over 220,000 Sherpas strong on X! Thank you for your continued support in this long journey to unlocking the value of RWAs onchain.

Community Announcements

  • MANTRA hosted its highly awaited RWA-Focused Hackathon! The event took place between April 6–7, attracting lots of talented visionaries and innovators who collaborated to “BUIDL the future of RWA Tokenization on MANTRA”
  • MANTRA Co-Founder Jayant Ramanand was present at Appchain Day Hong Kong hosted by DoraHacks and Dora Factory. He attended a panel discussion to dive into “Real World Use-Cases for Appchains” at the event.
  • Our Chief Strategy Officer, Nicholas Krapels, attended Suhoor Sessions on Binance Live to discuss MANTRA’s role in the world of RWA tokenization.
  • The MANTRA team will be in Hong Kong at the upcoming Wiki Expo Finance Conference 2024 on May 17. Register to attend here. We would love to connect and explore synergies!

Looking ahead, our primary focus will be on nurturing the ongoing success of the Hongbai Incentivized Testnet, alongside forging deeper connections within our community and industry. Keep an eye on our social channels for timely updates on all significant developments within the MANTRA ecosystem.


MANTRA is a Security-first RWA Layer 1 Blockchain, capable of adherence and enforcement of real world regulatory requirements. Built for Institutions and Developers, MANTRA offers a Permissionless Blockchain for Permissioned applications.

Key Features:

  • ⁠Built using Cosmos SDK, IBC compatible, with CosmWasm supported
  • Secured via a sovereign PoS validator set
  • Scalable up to 10k TPS
  • Built-in Modules, SDKs and APIs to create, trade and manage regulatory compliant RWAs
  • Improved User Experience to onboard non-native users and institutions to Web3

Connect with us and be part of our journey.

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