MANTRA Announces the Hackers Hideout: An Offline RWA Build-a-thon

3 min readJun 2, 2024


We are thrilled to announce the latest initiative by MANTRA — the Hackers Hideout! This offline event happening in Delhi, India, from June 14th to 16th, brings together a selected group of developers for a 3-day build-a-thon focused on building innovative projects around Real World Assets (RWA) on MANTRA.

Introduction to MANTRA

MANTRA is revolutionizing the world of blockchain by seamlessly integrating Real World Assets into the blockchain ecosystem. Our mission is to create a secure, compliant, and efficient platform for the tokenization of RWAs, enabling greater accessibility and transparency in the global financial markets.

Built on the Cosmos SDK with IBC interoperability, MANTRA Chain provides a robust infrastructure for developing regulatory-compliant applications.

Announcing the Hackers Hideout

The Hackers Hideout is an exclusive offline hacking event where a selected group of developers will live and work together for three whole days. Participants will have the opportunity to develop projects that leverage the full potential of MANTRA Chain.

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Introducing Hongbai Testnet

The Hackers Hideout will focus on projects built on the Hongbai Testnet, the latest phase in MANTRA Chain’s development. The Hongbai Testnet aims to tokenize RWAs in key global hubs like Hong Kong and Dubai.

Why a Hackers Hideout for the Hongbai Testnet?

MANTRA’s Hongbai Testnet represents a milestone in our journey to integrate RWAs into the blockchain ecosystem. By organizing Hackers Hideout, we aim to accelerate the development of solutions that address real world challenges in asset management, trading, and investment. The Hackers Hideout provides an environment for developers to explore MANTRA Chain and contribute to its vision of a tokenized future.

Vision for the Hackers Hideout: Building the Future of RWA

Our vision for the Hackers Hideout is to inspire and empower developers to create applications that transform the way we interact with real world assets. The projects developed during this event will play a role in shaping the future of RWA tokenization, driving forward our mission of Bringing Finance Onchain.

Hackers Hideout Problem Statements

Participants will tackle a variety of problem statements, each addressing key areas in RWA tokenization:

  • Lending Protocol: Develop a decentralized lending platform that allows users to collateralize tokenized RWAs to access liquidity. This protocol will aim to provide a secure and efficient way for asset owners to leverage their holdings.
  • CDP Protocol: Create a Collateralized Debt Position (CDP) protocol that enables users to lock RWAs as collateral to mint stablecoins or other digital assets. This system will enhance financial flexibility and stability for asset holders.
  • Real Estate Perpetuals: Design a perpetual contracts platform for real estate, allowing users to trade perpetual futures on tokenized real estate assets. This innovative solution aims to bring liquidity and trading opportunities to the real estate market.
  • GMX-Style Perpetuals: Develop a GMX-style perpetual contracts platform for various RWAs, enabling users to trade perpetual futures with leverage on a wide range of tokenized assets. This project seeks to expand trading options and enhance market dynamics.
  • Yield Splitting Protocol: Create a yield splitting protocol that allows users to split the yield generated from tokenized RWAs into different tranches, catering to varying risk appetites and investment strategies. This protocol will provide customized yield solutions for investors.

Inviting Developers and Builders

We are calling visionary developers and builders to join us at the Hackers Hideout. Be a part of a group of innovators, working on projects that will shape the future of RWA tokenization and world finance. Selected participants will have access to resources, mentorship, and the collaborative environment needed to bring their ideas to life.

For more details, visit: Hackers Hideout Notion Page


The MANTRA Hackers Hideout is more than just a build-a-thon — it’s an opportunity to be at the forefront of financial and blockchain innovation. We are excited to see the projects that will emerge from this event and to continue driving the evolution of the blockchain ecosystem.

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