MANTRA and RWA Inc. Forge Partnership to Accelerate Tokenization Adoption

3 min readApr 30, 2024

We’re excited to share that RWA Inc. joins MANTRA to establish a seamless connection between RWA Inc.’s end-to-end tokenization protocol and MANTRA’s expanding RWA ecosystem. This collaboration unites two distinguished tokenization projects and fuels the shared mission of bringing RWAs onchain and boosting liquidity. Importantly, both parties prioritize regulatory compliance, enhancing their credibility and positioning as crypto advocates to influence future market legislation effectively.

RWA Inc. specializes in enabling the tokenization of assets on the blockchain, unlocking global opportunities for all. MANTRA Chain’s dApps and users will benefit from leveraging RWA Inc’s financial ecosystem, facilitating the smooth transition of real world assets onto the blockchain.

Building a Robust Financial Ecosystem for the Future of RWA’s

MANTRA’s security-first Layer 1 blockchain is designed to empower developers and institutions to seamlessly participate in the evolving RWA tokenization space. With advanced modules, compliance mechanisms, interoperability through IBC protocol, CometBFT for Networking and Consensus, and more, MANTRA sets a perfect stage for advanced and regulatory-compliant innovation.

MANTRA stands out due to its exceptional capability to offer tokenization services that comply with enforceable legal standards, a rare feat in today’s blockchain landscape. Its high speed and capacity to handle large user bases make it a preferred choice for the tokenized asset sector. Already, decentralized exchanges (DEXs) and other platforms capitalize on MANTRA’s reliable infrastructure to enrich their offerings.

RWA Inc. is building a decentralized financial ecosystem to democratize access to real world assets and foster financial inclusion through its innovative investment and tokenization platform. Ensuring a regulated and reliable platform for advanced tokenization of real world assets is a top priority for traders and investors. RWA Inc. holds multiple licences and operates under full regulation in the EUA, empowering enterprise-level investors to tokenize portfolios and other assets with confidence. The technical integration between MANTRA Chain and RWA Inc. represents a major milestone in the secure and substantial scaling of real world assets.

Contributing to Economic Progress

RWA Inc’s mission aligns with MANTRA Chain’s unique approach of building financial infrastructure for the future. This latest strategic collaboration has the potential to take tokenization to new heights. Together, MANTRA Chain and RWA Inc. are keen to redefine the real world asset tokenization economy. Therefore, MANTRA and RWA Inc. are teaming up with a significant Real World Asset Issuer to tokenize billions in assets from the firm’s portfolio. This collaboration is poised to galvanise momentum and showcase the advantages of MANTRA Chain and RWA Inc.

About RWA Inc.

RWA Inc. is an advanced tokenization ecosystem. It differs from competitors due to its regulatory compliance and unique features. RWA users enjoy more flexibility, transparency, and opportunities thanks to the network’s innovative business model.


MANTRA is a security-first RWA Layer 1 Blockchain capable of adherence and enforcement of real world regulatory requirements. As a permissionless chain, MANTRA empowers developers and institutions to seamlessly participate in the evolving RWA tokenization space by offering advanced tech modules, compliance mechanisms, and cross-chain interoperability.

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