Introducing the MANTRA Ambassador Program (MAP)

3 min readMar 11, 2024

Welcome to the MANTRA Ambassador Program (MAP), the official community program dedicated to solidifying MANTRA’s mission to empower builders and institutions with the tools they need to tokenize the $16 Trillion RWA Economy.

At MANTRA, we are actively evolving with today’s complex regulatory landscape to support anyone interested in building or accessing tokenized RWAs in confidence. We believe that the contributions of our community will be the driving force behind the success of this endeavor that we have undertaken at MANTRA.

Are you ready to join the MAP and be part of this journey?

The MANTRA Ambassador Program is more than just an ambassador program. It’s an initiative empowering those eager to contribute towards a more compliant and secure space for RWA tokenization. If you share this vision, join the MANTRA Ambassador Program — a gateway to the world of MANTRA’s “Permissionless Blockchain for Permissioned Applications,” where your voice and actions will make an impact.

Program Structure & Rewards

The MANTRA Ambassador Program is structured around a 3-tiered ranking system with ranks progressing in the order:

Bad Sherpas→ Super Sherpas → Alpine Sherpas

Ambassadors can ascend these ranks by completing tasks on Zealy and meeting other requirements. Each rank recognizes and rewards ambassadors for their impact — the higher the rank, the greater the rewards.

For more details, including eligibility criteria, check our official Guide.

How can I join the MANTRA Ambassador Program?

Joining the MANTRA Ambassador Program is an exciting opportunity for anyone who is passionate about MANTRA and the dynamic world of Web3.

  1. Start by filling out the MANTRA Ambassador Program application form.
  2. Next up, join us on all our social platforms.
  3. Be active on our socials, while we review your application.
  4. Once selected, our team will reach out to you on Telegram. (Beware of scammers and always verify the official admins from the MANTRA Telegram Discussion Group.
  5. Following the selection, our team will comprehensively take the members through the process of how to participate and do more in the MANTRA Ambassador Program.

What would be my role as a MANTRA Ambassador?

As a MANTRA ambassador, your contribution is vital to our success. You’ll help amplify MANTRA’s voice by engaging with social content and creating innovative threads, articles, memes, videos, and more. You should focus on growing the MANTRA community, initiating conversations, engaging new members, and leading growth initiatives. Your efforts will be tracked and recognized through the Zealy leaderboard system, reflecting your impact on the MANTRA community.

How Can I Start Earning?

Ascending through the MAP ranks unlocks exclusive rewards, acknowledging and celebrating your dedication. Each reward reflects our appreciation for your commitment, echoing the impact you make within the MANTRA community.

For a comprehensive overview of these rewards, we invite you to explore our Notion board.

Quick Guide to Program Rules

  • Ambassadors will receive a notification for improvement if performance isn’t up to standard for a month.
  • Two months of continuous underperformance may lead to removal from the program.
  • Consistently ranking in the top 3 for two months rewards you with a bonus in tokens.
  • Monthly rewards are distributed based on your position on the leaderboard.

Please Note: Task submissions do not guarantee progression. Decisions are made solely by the MANTRA team and are final.


Joining the MANTRA Ambassador Program means becoming a key part of the MANTRA community, influencing its growth, and being recognized for your efforts. You’ll shape MANTRA’s presence in the Web3 world and leave your mark.

We invite you to begin this adventure and join a role that impacts MANTRA’s future and the Web3 landscape. If you’re ready to make a difference, join the MANTRA Ambassador Program today and start your transformative journey.

Connect with us and be part of our journey.

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